Loudoun Babe Ruth provides a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for all Loudoun County youth aged 13-18.

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For the Spring 2016 13-15 Championship, we will be using Babe Ruth “tournament” pitching rules – “No player may pitch more than 7 innings in any two consecutive games”.  For example:

  • If Pitcher A pitches 7 innings in Game 1, he cannot pitch in Game 2, but can come back and pitch up to 7 innings in Game 3.
  • If Pitcher B pitches 3 innings in Game 2, then he can pitch up to 4 innings in Game 3.  If Pitcher B pitches his allowed 4 innings in Game 3, then he can come back and pitch up to 3 innings in Game 4 and so on.
  • One pitch thrown in an inning counts as an inning pitched.
  • A Pitcher, once removed from the game, cannot return to pitch at any time in the same game.